Xiaowei Zhao, Ph.D. [CV]
        Research Associate 
        Imperial Computer Vision and Learning Lab
        Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
        Imperial College London
        London, UK.                                            

        Email:  x.zhao@imperial.ac.uk
        Website at VIPL:  http://vipl.ict.ac.cn/members/xwzhao

Latest News

  • Jul. 2014 - NEW! One co-authored paper is accepted by ECCV2014.
  • Feb. 2014 - NEW! Two (co-authored) papers are accepted by CVPR2014.
  • Sep. 2013 -  Two papers are accepted by ICCV2013.
  • Jun. 2013 -  I am going to start a Post-Doc fellow at Imperial College London (with Dr. Tae-Kyun Kim) from June 2013.