18 May 2015 - Invited Talk
"Robot Vision in the Self-Conscious Robot" - Pint of Science - The Bolton, 326 Earls Court Road, London, SW5 9BQ
The Self-Conscious Robot
09 - 10 May 2015 - Live Demonstration
"6-Dimensional Robot Vision" - Imperial College London - Imperial Festival
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10 Nov 2014 - Invited Talk
"Random Forests and Applications - Object Detection and Pose Estimation" - Imperial College London EE course Machine Learning for Computer Vision
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13 Oct 2014 - GTA Machine Learning for Computer Vision
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering - Imperial College London - Course website
Office Hours Tue 11am - 12noon, Room 1003
1 Aug 2014 - ECCV Object Dataset Released
Our challenging object dataset is now available. More than 5K images of 6 different objects under altering viewpoints with background clutter, foreground occlusions and multi-instance objects.
17 Jun 2014 - ECCV 2014 paper accepted
Our paper "Latent-Class Hough Forests for 3D Object Detection and Pose Estimation" has been accepted at ECCV 2014
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Post Doctoral Research Associate – Computer Vision & Learning Lab Imperial College London

Short Bio

Rigas Kouskouridas received his MEng in Production Engineering and Management from the Democritus Univerisity of Thrace, Greece, in 2006. He received his PhD degree in Computer Vision and Machine Learning in 2013 from the Department of Production Engineering and Management under the supervision of Associate Professor Antonios Gasteratos. Currently, he is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Computer Vision & Learning Lab at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Imperial College London under the supervision of Assistant Professor Tae-Kyun Kim.

Contact Details

    Dr. Rigas Kouskouridas
    Intelligent Systems and Networks,
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
    Imperial College,
    South Kensington Campus,
    London SW7 2BT, UK
      Email: r.kouskouridas(at)