Senior Lecturer - Associate Professor

co-Founding Director of Imperial Probability Centre


My main research interests are the analysis of distributed algorithms, and network economics and dynamics. It involves the mathematical analysis of models of large networks that arise in online systems using tools from probability theory and algorithm design. See my papers below for details.

Short Bio

I graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) in 2000. I then completed a DEA in Probability Theory at the University Paris VI. I undertook a PhD at the LIAFA (Theoretical Computer Science Group), University Paris VII. 

From October 2004 to January 2007, I was a Marie Curie research fellow at the Statistical Laboratory and a lecturer in Part III (Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics), Cambridge University.

Since 2007, I am a Faculty member in the EEE department, Imperial College London.

I spent the first half of 2011 as a visiting researcher to Microsoft Research Cambridge visiting the Networks, Economics and Algorithms group.

In Fall 2014, I will be teaching, with Wei Dai, a course Topics in Large Dimensional Data Processing.

Prospective PhD students

If you enjoy applying a variety of mathematical tools (probability, algorithms, game theory, optimisation and learning theory) to model online systems (e.g., social networks, crowdsourcing, cloud computing), then consider applying to our PhD programme to undertake a PhD with me.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

The college and the EEE department offer a number of funding schemes.

Chinese applicants may want to consider the CSC Imperial scholarships.

Postdoctoral funding

In addition to occasional funding opportunities that are directly funded through research grants, a number of funding schemes are available to undertake postdoctoral research.

EU Marie Curie Fellowships, EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowships, Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowships, Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships, Newton International Fellowships, Imperial College Junior Research Fellowships.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you are considering to apply for one of the above schemes.

Book “Epidemics and Rumours in Complex Networks”, Cambridge University Press.

With L. Massoulié, I co-authored a book “Epidemics and Rumours in Complex Networks”.

Here is the table of content with pdf files of some chapters.

0- Introduction

1- Galton-Watson branching processes

2- Reed-Frost epidemics and Erdos-Renyi graphs

3- Connectivity and Poisson approximation

4- Diameter of Erdos-Renyi graphs

5- From microscopic to macroscopic dynamics

6- The small-world phenomenon

7- Power laws via preferential attachment

8- Epidemics on general graphs

9- Viral Marketing and optimised epidemics

Selected Papers

Speeding up Cover Time of Sparse Graphs using Local Knowledge

M. Abdullah, C. Cooper and M. Draief

Opinion Formation Models on a Gradient

  1. M.Gastner, N. Markou, G. Pruessner and M. Draief

PLoS One, to appear.

New Models for Competitive Contagion

M. Draief, H. Heidari and M. Kearns

Proceedings of AAAI 2014.

Global Majority Consensus by Local Majority Polling

  1. M.Abdullah and M. Draief

Proc. NetGCoop 2014.

Discrete Applied Mathematics, to appear.

Viral Processes by Random Walks on Random Regular Graphs

M. Abdullah, C. Cooper and M. Draief

Proceedings of RANDOM 2011.

Annals of Applied Probability, to appear.

On the Power of Adversarial Infection in Networks

M. Brautbar, M. Draief and S. Khanna

Proc. Algorithms and Models for the Web Graph (WAW’13).

Internet Mathematics, to appear.

Large-Scale Bandit Problems and KWIK Learning

  1. K.Amin, J. Abernethy M. Draief and M. Kearns

Journal of Machine Learning Research, Proc. ICML 2013.

Structural Analysis of Viral Spreading Processes using Egonets

  1. V.Preciado, M. Draief and A. Jadbabaei

Distributed Multivalued Consensus

A. Babaee and M. Draief

Computer Journal, 2014.

Contagion and Observability in Security Domains

  1. Y.Bachrach, M. Draief and Sanjeev Goyal

Proc. Allerton Communication Control and Computing (Allerton'13).

Flooding in Weighted Sparse Random Graphs

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SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, 2013.

Convergence Speed of Binary Interval Consensus

M. Draief and M. Vojnovic

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SIAM Journal Control and Optimization, 2012.

UKAIRO: Internet-Scale Bandwidth Detouring

  1. T.Haddow, SW. Ho, C. Lumezanu, M. Draief and P. Pietzuch

On the Feasibility of Bandwidth Detouring

T. Haddow, S.W. Ho, J. Ledlie, C. Lumezanu, M. Draief, and P. Pietzuch,

Proceedings of Passive and Active Measurement Confrence (PAM) 2011.

Interleaving Multi-Agent Systems and Social Networks for Organized Adaptation

J. Pitt, D. Ramirez-Cano, M. Draief, and A. Artikis

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Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, 2011.

Bargaining Dynamics in Exchange Networks

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Percolation and competing innovations

C. Roca, M. Draief and D. Helbing

in Understanding Complex Systems: Social Self-Organization

Ed. D. Helbing, Ch. 9. “Coordination and Competitive Innovation Spreading in Social Networks”

p.169-184, 2012.

A random walk model for infection on graphs

M. Draief and A. Ganesh

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Marketing in a random network

H. Amini, M. Draief, and M. Lelarge  

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Exponential random graphs as models of overlay networks

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Deconstructing Internet Paths-  An Approach for AS-Level Detour Route Discovery

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Thresholds for virus spread on networks

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The single server queue and the storage model- Large deviations and fixed points

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Queues, stores, and tableaux 
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Services within a busy period of an M/M/1 queue and Dyck paths

M. Draief and J. Mairesse

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