Workshop on Computationally Adapted
{ laws | policies | norms } for self-Organising Systems

September 13, 2013, Philadelphia, USA

Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing systems conference (SASO) 2013

Workshop on Computationally Adapted { laws | policies | norms } for self-Organising Systems

To be held at SASO 2013, in Philadelphia (USA) on Friday, September 13, 2013

Many systems, as well as organisations, are characterised by having a set of rules that drive (and limit) the interactions amongst their components. These rules may range from simple ones to complex legal systems, norms, contracts or policies, among others. Examples of this kind of systems may be technical systems such as computing grids or sensor networks, which have to share limited resources, as well as socio-technical systems, with humans involved in the functioning of the system, such as in smart grids. While in many cases these rules would be fixed, probably set by some authority, there is an increasing need of flexibility and openness, i.e., participating agents should be able to be involved in the decision making about how the system is run.

This is the case in self-organising systems, where the components play a fundamental role in modifying and adapting such rules. This includes changing existing rules, generating new ones, deciding who makes the decisions and when these are made, setting what happens when agents do not follow the rules, or assessing whether a set of rules fits the system's purpose, among others.

The workshop is aimed at researchers that have been investigating concepts or mechanisms to formalise, incorporate, or reason about computational justice, rules, laws, or norms in self-organising systems or that have been looking into self-organising systems that require such mechanisms to enable efficient, sustainable, and robust operation. We explicitly encourage participation of researchers from different communities within computer science as well as social sciences. The workshop will be set in an informal and cooperative atmosphere with ample time allotted to discussions.