Dr Yiannis Demiris



At a glance

I am a Reader (US equivalent: associate professor) at the Intelligent Systems and Networks Group, doing research in human-robot interaction, machine learning, humanoid & assistive robotics, and multi-robot systems, with a particular emphasis on the mechanisms of development and lifelong learning. A special interest of mine is the design and implementation of long-term assistive mechanisms for children and adults with disabilities.

Latest News


  1. Bullet Our Personal Robotics Laboratory webpage is up and running - we will be transitioning all material there over the next few days. Thanks to Miguel and Theo for their hard work on this.

  2. BulletWe were successful in another EU FP7 grant, WYSIWYD (“What you Say is What you Did”), where my laboratory will be looking at active humanoid robot learning through exploration. It started on the 1st of January 2014, and run for 3 years. Stay tuned for details. Also:

  3. Bullet Multiple Researcher Positions in Machine Learning for Human-Robot Interaction are open or about to open in our laboratory. There are also multiple fellowship schemes allowing qualified PhD students or postdoctoral researchers to join our laboratory. If you have an outstanding CV (with emphasis on excellent mathematical and computing skills), and a passion for contributing to real robot systems operating in the real world for the benefit of real people, email me.

  4. Bullet Congratulations to Harold Soh for passing his PhD viva on “Online Spatio-Temporal Learning and Prediction For Adaptive Robotic Systems”, and Kyuhwa Lee for passing his PhD viva on “A Syntactic Approach to Robot Learning of Human Tasks from Demonstration”, the 10th and 11th PhD to graduate from my lab respectively.

  5. Bullet I am giving an invited talk at the AAAI 2014 Fall Symposium on Knowledge, Skill ad Behavior Transfer in Autonomous Robots”, Nov 13-15, in Arlington, Virginia, USA.

  6. Bullet I was fortunate to receive two teaching awards: in May I received the 2012 “Rector’s Award for Teaching Excellence” and in June I received the 2012 Faculty of Engineering “Teaching Excellence in Engineering Education” award; thanks to all my colleagues and undergraduate students that nominated me for these awards.  My PhD student, Miguel Sarabia, also won the best GTA (graduate teaching assistant) in our department for 2012, the second time our lab wins this after Kyuhwa Lee’s same success last year.