Computer Vision and Learning Lab

I am a PhD student in the Joint Program between Imperial College and National University of Singapore, co-supervised by Dr.T-K. Kim and Dr. Shuicheng Yan.

I got my MSc degree with Ivor Tupper prize in Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London in 2011, majoring in Communication and Singal Processing. Before that, I graduated from Beijing Univ. of Posts & Telecommunications with a BSc degree on Engineering of Telecommunication.

My research interest lies in the field of Face Recognion in Computer Vision. During my PhD, I've been working on Deep learning (CNN) and Semi-Supervised Learning. I am expected to graduate in Jan 2016.

Chao Xiong £¨Πά³¬£©

Room 1008d, Computer Vision and Learning Lab
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Imperial College London
London, SW7 2BT, UK


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[2] Chao Xiong, Luoqi Liu, Xiaowei Zhao, Shuicheng Yan and Tae-Kyun Kim, "Convolutional Fusion Network for Face Verification in the Wild", Accepted to appear in IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 2015. [pdf]

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