Workshop on Citizen-Oriented Autonomic
Computing & Technologies for Smart Cities (COACTS)

@ICAC 2015, Grenoble, France

Workshop on Citizen-Oriented Autonomic Computing
& Technologies for Smart Cities (COACTS)

To be held at ICAC 2015, Grenoble, France

There is a pressing social, technological and economic need for both collective action and autonomic computing in Smart Cities. For example, in applications such as the fair access to and distribution of physical resources such as energy and water, deliberative assemblies for the formation, selection and modification of rules regulating shared public spaces, and participatory sensing for crowdsourcing and social computation, the same mutual requirements can be seen: technology whose interfaces and affordances are citizen facing, whose operation requires self-* properties, and whose added-value is derived from the crucial inter-leaving of both citizens and self-* competencies in socio-technical systems.

However, it is absolutely essential to abstract away the intrinsic complexity of implementing those properties from the citizens, yet at the same time enabling those citizens to leverage the power of those properties to help make inhabitable and sustainable living spaces. Exploring, and perhaps even resolving, the mutuality and tension of these requirements is the ambition of this workshop proposal.

[Note: definition of citizen: 1) a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth; 2) an inhabitant of a particular town or city. We stress that in the context of this workshop, we only consider 'citizen' in the second sense.]